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We strongly believe that just as every child has a right to food, clothes & shelter; he also has the right to education, livelihood and opportunity to grow...

We are a group of like minded people who have joined heads and hands to eradicate illiteracy, poverty, disease and distress of the society. We agree with her Herbert Hoover, that children are our most valuable resource. The working of the trust revolves around Nelson Mandela’s remarks, history will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children.

Our journey of 10 years bubbles with more than 80 events which have touched the lives of thousands of children and girls hailing from weaker section of the society. The events pertain to the fields of education, health, environment and economic development.

Bal Vikas Trust (Regd.) has been on a mission to help needy, visually & physically challenged children. We are supporting children irrespective of their caste or creed. We invite co-operation from social workers, industry and other stronger section of the society to join hands with us to support this noble cause and build a better India.

Our aim is to educate the underpreviledged, specially girls and women and empower them with skills that can make then earn for themselves and live life with dignity. Our fight is against the social evils like: Child-labour, beggary, illiteracy, child abuse and exploitation and more.

We also aim to set up, construct and manage schools, colleges, polytechnics, and universities for imparting education to women and children of weaker sections of society with an aim to build a better world.

Our Mission


1.  The “BAL VIKAS TRUST” has been established for providing Eduaction, Health Care Services & to provide Home for weaker section of  the society.
2.   To construct mainain and mange Hospital, Clinic & and dispensaries for providing the best of medical services.
3.   To set up, construct and mange the Schools, colleges, University for imparting Education.
4.   To grant feeship, scholarship, Books and sitpend to the needy and deserving students.
5.   To acquire land/buildings through purchase, lease, donation form the general public or Govt. authorities for setting up Schools, Clinincs  & Dispensaries & Hospitals and Libraries.
6.   To accept grants, donations, legacies, wills and other donations in cash or kind form donors in India or sborad and utilise same for the  purpose stated above.
7.   To acquire land for the construction of the flats for weaher section of the society.
8.   To seek recognition and affiliations of the institutions managed by the trust from the Competent Authories/Govt. Institutions/Unisversities  at the National and International Levels.
9.   To encourage sports, games, yoga and extra curriculars activities among the students.
10. To raise finance from banks and/or other financial institutions for the purpose of construction of college buildings and other construction  activities of the Trust.
11. All other acts, deed or things of necessary for the purpose stated above.

Our Members

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